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Get Qualified Leads
On Your Terms.

Grow your business with custom HVAC lead generation. Our solutions are built to integrate seamlessly into your existing process and scale with your needs.


EverConnect’s lead generation solution brings high-quality potential customers directly to you. You’ll gain access to exclusive HVAC leads to help you grow your business.

Solutions Tailored
to Your Needs

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your sales process and your existing sales tools

Lead Quality You
Can Count On

Make every dollar count by paying only for leads that meet our proven quality standards

Dedicated Representatives Focused on Your Goals

Get white-glove service hitting your goals with dedicated account managers


HVAC Lead Generation Solution

If you’re like many HVAC contractors, your needs shift and change over time. Our solutions are designed to scale with you.

  • Get leads your way—as needed or as part of a longer-term strategy aligned with your goals.
  • Enjoy full control—start, pause, and resume lead delivery at any time.
  • Expect quality with each lead vetted before they reach your hands.
Grow Your Business

HVAC Service Brand Awareness

Expand your reach by tapping into the power of a branded HVAC services lead solution.

  • Capitalize on leads that already know your brand with custom landing pages
  • Maintain or expand your HVAC industry service area with lead solutions tailored to your preferred geographic areas
  • Benefit from customized solutions designed for HVAC professional performance
Scale Sales Operations

Customized HVAC Lead Solution

Give your talented sales team more quality leads to work with. 

  • Get the right leads into your team’s queue by customizing region, service category, and criteria.
  • Easily integrate into existing processes and CRM tools with multiple delivery options.
  • Scale your process with a seamless experience by tailoring how and where you receive your leads.

"EverConnect does a great job of pre-qualifying their prospects, so we are able to set a volume of their leads to appointments."

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Get The Right HVAC LEADS Delivered Directly To You

Our HVAC lead delivery process is simple:



We’ll start with a quick conversation so we can gain an understanding of your business goals.  



EverConnect solutions are versatile. We can provide you with leads that are hyper-local or cover a national footprint—and everything in between.



Lead qualification is about more than geography. We’ll also make sure your leads are perfectly matched with the industries you serve.


Build Your Strategy

We’ll help you set the right price for your business and strategize how you want to pay for your leads—by the lead, by the phone call, by the campaign, or through a custom combination approach. Whether your pricing is simple and straightforward or complex and strategic, we’ll form a plan that will help your business grow.



We deliver leads the way you want them, whether that’s directly into your in-house CRM system or by phone. If you get your leads by phone, our US-based call center will screen and qualify every lead before transferring them to you. We can even arrange appointments on your behalf, handling all the legwork so you can focus on growing your business.


As an EverConnect customer, you won’t be competing with other HVAC companies for phone leads. We send HVAC sales leads exclusively to one partner. So, while other companies will send leads to multiple partners, you have a better chance of landing the job with our exclusive HVAC leads solution.

We also limit the number of HVAC business partners in each area. This helps ensure no one has to turn away work, while still providing the best service to customers by getting their problems fixed, fast.

With EverConnect, you pay for each quality commercial HVAC lead we send your way, based on the terms in our agreement. We review every call to confirm your lead is billable. In general, leads are billable if:

  • You set an appointment
  • You exchange contact information
  • You provide HVAC service pricing or an estimate over the phone
  • You refer the lead to another HVAC company
  • The call goes unanswered (four rings or more)
  • The call goes to voicemail, regardless if the caller leaves a message
  • An automated answering system or call center answers the call, regardless if the caller is connected to you

The price for our valid HVAC leads varies by service area, regardless of the value of the job.

With EverConnect, you will get high-quality leads sent directly to your phone. When you get HVAC leads from us, you don’t have to do any online marketing efforts or promotions—that’s our job.

All of our HVAC service leads are live phone calls with a customer on the line. Each lead is sent exclusively to one of our partners and will always come from the same designated phone number, so you know when to pick up.

It’s important to know free leads are not the same as valuable leads. Searching for free HVAC leads takes a lot of time and effort with little ROI.
With EverConnect Live, we bring high-quality phone leads to you every week. For every 10 calls received, our top-performing HVAC business partners turn seven of those into paying jobs—a number you can’t get when relying on free leads.

Finding a scalable and reliable lead generation solution is the best way to get HVAC leads. Whether you need leads sent directly to your phone or a solution that works seamlessly with your CRM, finding a solution that can adapt to your needs keeps your business running and growing.

Local demand, type of lead generation solution, and budget may vary from one HVAC business to another. With this in mind, we can’t predict the specific number of HVAC leads you will receive. Please reach out to our team for a more detailed explanation of our lead delivery solutions.

Lead delivery schedules vary depending on a variety of factors. However, most of our partners receive their first HVAC lead within two weeks of activating their accounts.

HVAC leads are delivered by live phone calls with a customer on the line, through forms, or integrated with your existing sales process or CRM.

Each live HVAC lead is sent exclusively to one of our partners and will always come from the same designated phone number so you know when to pick up.

We strive for fairness and flexibility with every HVAC lead we send to our customers. The terms for billing are clearly explained up front, and we have a transparent process to resolve any issues that may arise with our billing.

The price for our valid HVAC leads varies by service area, regardless of the value of the job. We bill weekly for all quality HVAC service leads. You never pay for wrong numbers, there are no setup or monthly fees, and we’ll never ask you to commit to any long-term contracts.

If you want Everconnect to stop generating HVAC leads and want to cancel your service for any reason, just contact your account manager. With our EverConnect Live solution, we do limit the number of HVAC companies in each area, so please understand that if you choose to cancel your account we will not be able to guarantee that other HVAC businesses will not take your spot if you wish to return later.

We get calls every day from new customers looking for a variety of services in the heating and cooling industry including:

  • Factory-scheduled maintenance
  • Air conditioner repair and installation
  • Heating services including furnace repair and installation
  • Ductless HVAC solutions and indoor air quality

If you ever need a break, we offer a flexible pause feature that ensures you don’t miss any prospective customers while you’re away. You can pause individual counties or your entire service area from anywhere between three hours (if you’re on another job) to seven days (if you’re out of town).

EverConnect Live provides access to warm transferred phone leads at a fixed price and includes the following features:

  • Live calls patched directly to you​
  • Start/Stop/Pause functionality
  • Weekly billing
  • Dispute process
  • Weekly lead reviews
  • Proactive call scoring
  • Round robin lead distribution​
  • Account manager lead handling
  • Guidance and call review support​

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EverConnect Direct enables you to build brand awareness while providing access to exclusive leads and includes the following features:

  • Calls and forms generated with your branding
  • Custom market targeting
  • Campaign performance standards
  • Transparent billing model
  • ​Custom landing pages
  • Can be paired with other solutions
  • Bi-weekly review process
  • Regular campaign reviews and updates

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EverConnect Marketplace provides access to a variety of lead types acquired across a number of channels and includes the following features:

  • Shared or exclusive forms​
  • High-volume form leads
  • Expansive lead variety
  • High volume of leads
  • Flexible lead criteria
  • Several pacing controls​
  • Bi-weekly or monthly reviews supported
  • Regular review of marketing channel performance and bid adjustments

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