Targeted Leads,
Delivered Right Away

EverConnect Live gives businesses access to highly-qualified phone call leads at a fixed price. It includes an intuitive dashboard, allowing you to specify the type of lead and geographic area you’d like to target. You can also start, pause and schedule lead flow as needed.

Get Phone Calls Fast

Quick and efficient set up gets you leads in days, not weeks.


Lead generation is the #1 priority for marketers today.

Leads Where You Need Them

You’ll be able to specify and easily update the geographic region for your leads.

68% of businesses struggle with getting leads when and where they want them. 

Consistent Fixed Price

Make budgeting easy. Know from the start what it costs to acquire new leads.


61% of small businesses struggle to prepare an accurate marketing budget.

Highly Qualified Phone Leads, When and
Where You Want Them, At a Fixed Cost

You Can Trust

You’ll have the option to receive pre-qualified calls from our call center. You can have confidence in your quality of your leads.

Self Service
Client Portal

Our online client portal offers easy-to-use reporting dashboards and self-service options that allow you to make changes when you need to.

Start, Pause
& Schedule

You’ll receive calls on your schedule. You can start, pause and reschedule the flow of calls to fit your needs. You’ll have leads when you need them.

Your Territory,
Your Needs

Forget about leads outside your skillset or service area. You can specify what service type and zip codes you want to target.

Ready to Grow
with You

EverConnect Live is part of the EverConnect portfolio of lead generation solutions. As your business grows and needs change, we’ll be ready.


If you’re ready for highly-qualified, performance-based leads, the next step is easy. Just fill out the contact form and one of our specialists will reach out to you.

We’re serious about tailoring our services to match your needs. You can expect a conversation, not a high-pressure sales pitch.

Let’s work together to grow your business the right way—with strategic lead generation.

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