Leveraging AI and ChatGPT: What you need to know and the impact on your business

There is no more relevant topic today than AI and ChatGPT. With so much conversation around the artificial intelligence space, it is crucial to stay updated with AI advancements and understand how they can benefit businesses and their marketing efforts.  

This month, industry leaders from EverConnect, Socius, and Hatch came together to discuss how you can leverage AI and ChatGPT in your business. The hour-long webinar focused on how, when used correctly, these tools can make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective. The discussion was customized to address questions registrants had submitted prior to the webinar. 

Socius Digital Marketing Consultant Henry Knauer focused on AI and strategy in the Google search space to kick off the session, highlighting the benefits of using AI and ChatGPT to help produce original, high-quality, people-first content. Using ChatGPT to generate and streamline content creation enables companies to save time and resources while ensuring their content is effective and valuable for their target audience.  

EverConnect Vice President of Sales and Account Management Jim Mallers emphasized the benefits of using AI to ‘up the scale’ of your lead generation volume. AI tools can help you identify your target personas, which helps guide your marketing approach by region. The tools also identify patterns, preferences, and trends. These insights arm your account managers with information to personalize their recommendations. 

Hatch Director of Demand Generation Aaron Adams shared how to use AI to build campaigns and improve your sales close process. For example, using tools that deliver instant messaging to your customers in your company’s voice and tone can be extremely helpful.  

The webinar came to a close after the hosts answered questions from the live chat, ensuring attendees left the webinar with a clear understanding of how to leverage AI for their business.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Use ChatGPT & AI tools to improve your website’s presence and ranking on Google search 
  • AI can help support your lead generation and sales efforts 
  • AI connects the lead acquisition process to the sales process 
  • AI is a tool in your toolbox, not a magic bullet. The most effective uses of AI will combine your processes, staff, and company in harmony 
  • The primary goal of AI should be to make the customer experience better and improve your lead-to-close process 

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Watch the full webinar here 

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