How to Close Jobs Faster with CRM and Lead Provider Integration 

In an ever-evolving business world, it’s important to understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and lead generation providers can work together to help your business succeed. Think of CRM tools as the foundation for how you interact with customers and lead generation providers as the partner who brings potential customers into your sales process. But the potential boost to your business comes from combining these two essential functions. 

CRM providers like MarketSharp, an EverConnect sister company, collaborate with lead providers to seamlessly import new high-quality leads into a CRM follow-up workflow. By connecting a lead provider to a CRM, you automate your lead-generation process, streamlining your pipeline and driving more closed jobs.  

The Power of a CRM: 

  • Automate Initial Outreach:  
    The faster you reach out to a lead, the better your chance of closing the job. A CRM enables you to automate your initial outreach to a new lead, giving you an edge over competitors.   
  • Set Activity Reminders:  
    You’ve got a lot on your plate; it can be easy to forget small tasks or to follow up with warm leads. A CRM can set activity reminders to keep you and your team on track. Send follow-up messages, schedule appointments, and create quotes. 
  • Consolidate Information:  
    When the lead is send into the CRM it creates a contact card. This card allows you to store conversation notes, view activity records, and create quotes, ensuring a seamless transition from the sales representative to the production team. 
  • Report & Analyze
    Understand which marketing efforts and lead providers are performing the best and easily determine the ROI with reporting features.  

Whether you are thinking about switching your CRM software, looking for one for the first time, or planning to retire your in-house CRM, you have a chance to streamline and improve your lead process. Consider providers like MarketSharp in the next stage of your lead-generation journey. 

If you’re happy with your current CRM but need more qualified leads for your business, please take advantage of our free guide below!

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